Ladies Horse Coats And Jackets

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Equestrian Ladies Coats And Riding Jackets

Waterproof, quilted, waxed and padded ladies jackets are a key item for any female horse riders. Not only do they add a layer of clothing, they also offer padding and protection. When chosen well, the right jacket will be able to represent the perfect marriage between functionality and style.

Our Harcour Charlotte Ladies Padded Jacket is a well priced jacket is a stylish long sleeve padded jacket with a faux fur hood. Extremely warm and waterproof, its hood provides extra protection against the wind chill factor, therefore keeping you warm and snug in your comfy padded jacket.

The Harcour Ladies Parka Jacket Ilostra Rider is a slightly more premium jacket which is 100% waterproof and breathable, perfect for keeping you dry at all times. It’s water repellent fabric treatment allows the water to slide off the jacket without being absorbed. In detail, this jacket has a water resistance of 5000, making it a somewhat heavy duty, high performance jacket.

Overall, our Equestrian Ladies Coats And Jackets are very much the perfect item for use in all weather. Though this is a small range, we have chosen well in terms of the performance and reliability of the jackets we stock. Both styles are also smart and complete the perfect look for any rider.

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