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Dog Leads

Dog leads are a must have for any dog owner and having the right lead can make all the difference in how you are able to walk with your dog. We have very carefully selected the very best leads from Kentucky Dogwear and the unique Pioneros brand.

Our offering of Kentucky Dogwear Corduroy Dog Leads are unique in the sense they are a very soft and comfortable type of lead complete with a nylon inner material from which you attach the lead. As a type of lead, it is the perfect match to the corduroy dog collar and is incredibly stylish and classy in terms of its look.

From the same brand but a different variety, we also stock Kentucky Dogwear Velvet Dog Leads and like the corduroy variety, they have a nylon inner material. For dog walkers looking for something of a more upmarket and sophisticated looking Dog lead, this is for sure the perfect product. They have a handy loop and practical clip that also makes for added comfort when walking your Dog.

For a product a bit more unique, we also stock Pioneros Dog Leads. We are one of the very few stockists that sell this brand and range of dog collars. Highly unique, they are incredibly fashionable and colourful and ideal for any breed of dog. We stock these leads in one size and seven colour combinations for you to choose from.

Dog collars can be bought from any pet shop or even supermarket though it is unique if you can buy something that can last for yours and the test of time. For this reason, it makes sense to invest well in a strong and reliable product. With Kentuck Dogwear and Pioneros, we believe we have the very best offering for dog walkers far and wide.

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