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Stable Accessories

We offer a great variety of horse stable accessories to help you get the most out of your horse riding. Our range is wide and varied and includes hoof picks and horse toys right through to stall guards and rug wash detergents. We have carefully assembled our range on the typical needs and requirements of maintaining a stable nowadays.

Kentucky Horsewear Horse Relax Toys are the perfect addition to any stable and area the perfect toy for your horse to play with. Horse Relax Toys are also perfect for nervous horses and will help your horse get used to unusual sounds. As a result this can help build up the confidence in younger horses. For something a bit different, our Kentucky Horsewear Alpaca Horse Toy is made from lovely soft natural cotton that is GOTS certified.

Stall Chains are another essential for stables and our KM Elite Premium Stall Chain enables you to allow daylight and fresh air into your stable. They are very useful if you are in and out of the stable, though it is recommended not to use them unless your horse is kept in a secure environment.

For horses that seem to be, super flexible when it comes to stall chains, and manoeuvre underneath, we now sell the super popular Kentucky Stable Guard

Rugs are another major aspect of any stable and we have a great range of detergents to ward off stable germs. Rug Safe Antibacterial Rug Wash has built in antibacterial properties and is the perfect product for washing all varieties of rug and horse wear and manages to do so without damaging the delicate material of turnout rugs.

Maintaining a clean, safe and up together stable can help massively and have a positive effect on the overall esteem and morale of your horse. Our range of products help horse owners and trainers to maintain their horse to the best possible standard.

From our equine tack shop in West Sussex, we also sell shaving forks and brushes, but due to the cost of sending out parcels over 1 meter in length it is now impossible to send these items through couriers.

Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions about any of the stable accessories we have on offer and we will be happy to help you further.


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