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Horse Riding Rugs are a massive part of every day horse riding. Again, also know as exercise rugs. They are an investment all riders will make at some point in their equestrian lifetime. The right rug will be able to keep your horse protected in the harshest of weather conditions. We offer a range of these in a variety of different weights able to satisfy a variety of different rider needs.

Our range is exclusively made up of products from luxury horse brand Kentucky Horsewear. The Kentucky Horsewear Heavyweight Fleece Riding Rug has a classic looking design and fastens in front of the saddle. Made from a wool like fabric, it dries horses quickly and can keep your horses warm and better protected at all times. We offer this item in Navy, Grey, Pine Green, Bordeaux and Check Print and in both medium and large. These sizes catering for horses from 5’9 to 7’0.

For something a bit different and alternative, our Kentucky Horsewear Riding Rug in Black is likewise perfect for use in the cooler winter months. It’s luxurious soft faux fur lining helps to ensure and enable optimum warmth. These characteristics of the artificial lining also ensure the rugs are extremely soft and comfortable on the horse’s skin and as a result, will not rub your horse, during use. Aesthetically pleasing, it’s diamond quilting pattern, and brown artificial leather piping gives the rug a stylish look.

Alternatively, for a product that is much more durable to the outdoor elements, the Kentucky Horsewear All Weather Riding Rug will tick all of the boxes. It’s a waterproof and breathable product, to offer a super soft and comfortable feel and comes complete with a Velcro fastening for a secured fit. Internally, it’s unique artificial rabbit fur lining offers extra warmth because it creates tiny air pockets that retain the body heat.

Choosing the right horse riding rug can pay dividends in how well your horse will perform as well as how well you’ll be able to ride your horse in adverse weather conditions. How it attaches, it’s material, size and weight are all key aspects which are vital in how effective they will be able to attach and work with your horse.

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