Freejump Stirrups

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Freejump Stirrups

Freejump stirrups were the original in horse riding safety stirrups. The benchmark of showjumping and eventing safety stirrups created to serve the market of riding enthusiasts.

The flagship model created in 2001, was the Soft’Up Pro and thanks to continuous collaboration with the world’s best riders, Freejump Stirrups became a leading brand.

With an excellent approach to product development, Freejump has constantly improved the quality of its products.

Following the Soft’Up Pro adults stirrups, came the Soft’Up Lite childrens stirrups. A great stirrup for children and used by many happy customers worldwide.

In the event of a fall, the quick release system allows the foot to escape and as a result helps prevent the rider getting caught up in the stirrups. This design has proven to be most successful with riders and the brand continues to grow in popularity.

A hidden secret that many customers do not know before buying, is that the Freejump stirrups actually have a shock absorbing function. The Soft’Up Pro have a travel of up to 8mm, whilst the Soft’Up Classic flex up to 6mm. As a result this gives riders ultimate comfort whilst riding.


The Freejump Stirrups are available in a range of colours to suit your riding mood, with the brighter colours aimed towards the children.

Customers can buy many other varieties of the latest Freejump products from us online. This includes the Freejump Socks, Freejump Spurs and the unique design of the Freejump Spur Straps.

Customers nowadays have no end of Stirrups to choose from in the marketplace. Currently, however, we believe Freejump really does lead the way in the quality spared in the manufacture of their products.

Robust and reliable, Freejump offer comfort and style to the rider. This is for sure a brand to consider when looking for horse stirrups.

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