Horse Fly Hats & Tail Guards

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Fly Hats & Tail Guards for Horses

Horse Fly Hats and Tail Guards are suitable for many needs. The Fly hat also known as a Fly Veil, is a very fashionable item that will protect your horse from flies and sound. Perfect for horses in the summer months, they are also used by professional riders to cut out the sound that can sometimes spook and unsettle a horse.

The ears are soft and breathable and available in both soundless and non soundless.  The Tail Guards likewise protect the horses tail during transport and can prevent damage when a horse backs up against the lorry or trailer and rubs against the partition etc. The bag will keep the horses tail clean and tidy and free from muck and dirt. As a result this will keep the horses tail show ring ready for when you arrive at the competition.

We offer a great range of products in different styles. The Kentucky Fly Veil is a standard shape that has been around for years, whereas the Kentucky Wellington Fly Hat is designed with a more squared shape to its design. We also stock the KM Elite and Harcour range of fly hats to match your look.

As show jumping becomes more and more fashionable. It is worth taking some time to view the stunning range of fly veils from Kentucky Horsewear. The Fly Veil Glitter and Stone is a stunning accessory. Carefully knitted and with an extended neck piece. The design will help prevent the fly veil from slipping.

The Kentucky fly veils also do not have a visible logo and therefore riders or sponsors can embroider their own logo with peace of mind.

The fly veils are very easy to fit and thanks to the flexible fabric will fit neatly over the horses ears.

The Kentucky Tail Guard and Tail Bag is made of soft flexible neoprene and protects from the top of the tail right to the end. An excellent product and one which provides a great fit without dropping. The tail guard offers excellent levels of comfort for the horse overall. The tail stays protected and clean in the bag and is incredibly easy to use and apply.

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