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Horse Riding Hats & Helmets

Horse Riding Hats have long offered excellent safety and protection for your head. They are a key part of all modes of horse riding, whether you are riding simply as a pursuit or competing. Due to these hats being most up to date with safety, they allow you to ride within all of the major disciplines.

We purely stock UVEX riding hats who are easily the leader in the market for premium quality horse riding hats. They stand out for being very stylish as well as lightweight at the same time. As time has gone on, this brand continues to become more and more popular with professional and amateur riders alike.

New for 2018, the UVEX Perfexxion II Riding Hat is the stand out riding hat in our current range. This features a honeycomb design and innovative pentagon ventilation system. In detail, this helps to keep your head cool and ventilated at all times. New optimal removable pads and comfort memory foam, provide exceptional comfort and fit. This is a product which is full of innovative features all round and is perfect for all disciplines of horse riding.

In terms of budget, we stock our UVEX Exxential Riding Hats at just £99.95 and then at the other end of the scale, our UVEX Suxxeed Glamour Riding Hats are priced at £399.99. The latter offers great protection for the riders head and its Swarovski crystals really stand out in the light. Their design is also such that they are suitable for spectacle wearers.

Overall, horse riding hats are not an optional product, they are very much essential. In this sense, we have very diligently developed our choice and offering to offer the very best hats possible. The factors we value the most are style, comfort and performance.

Be sure to reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of the riding hats and we will be more than happy to help you further.

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