Grooming Deluxe Horse Grooming Kits

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Grooming Deluxe

Grooming Deluxe have taken the time to produce high-quality premium products from brushes to stable accessories and horse grooming kits.

As you are aware. Time with your horse is precious and building a relationship with your horse is unique. As they give you so much back, you want to be able to provide the best care possible.

Grooming your horse creates a special bond with you and your horse. This is where the magic starts. Grooming Deluxe produces the finest high-quality products to capture this moment. Very efficient and innovative, the handcrafted brushes will provide much more comfort to your horse and make they shine like a champion.

Storing your equipment is easy in the new grooming boxes. Using Bamboo a natural product not only respects the environment, but is free from plastics and chemicals.

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