Splintex for Horses

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Splintex was formulated in 1980 specifically to treat splints appearing on the legs of horses. Upon being founded, Splintex soon became the recommended treatment for horse splints worldwide. Splints are at best unsightly blemishes detracting from the horse’s appearance and most importantly, value. Have managed to create a product offering to help ease the pain to which a horse may otherwise suffer.

The Splintex Range

Splintex Gold is a product we sell which is able to help for older cold splints and other indications such as capped hocks and early ringbone. It is easy to apply and creates little to no disruption to a horses daily routine. It is recommend to apply this on and off over a 30 day period to see the best results. Apply this very lightly every day for 3 days then have 2 days off. Should you do this, there should be no need to apply a bandage.

Splintex Silver is formulated for younger freshly formed hot splints. When using this product, it is advised to allow the horse total rest and time of work. In terms of application time, this may be 15 days, or 3 five day cycles. Make sure however you do not mix with DMSO.

Overall, Splintex is the perfect recovery product where Splints may occur. Splints manifest themselves as swellings and bony enlargments located on the splint bones of both fore and hind legs of horses. Much of this can be caused as a result of excessive, repetitive strain; all of their products can offer a great solution to relieve any major pains.

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