Horse Fly Sprays & Fly Masks

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Fly Sprays & Fly Masks

Fly sprays & fly masks are a must have in the warmer summer months if you want to keep your horse free from flies and insects.

A great addition to your tack room, the fly repellents today can even put a sweet smelling scent and gloss on your horse.

At present we have a great range of Fly Sprays and Fly Masks available for sale. These include products from Equine America, Kentucky Horsewear, KM Elite Products and Cashel.

Equine America Stinger Fly Spray is a great, easy to use product which once sprayed is effective for up to 7 hours. Should you be looking for a fly mask, our Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask Slim Fit, is lightweight and breathable and keeps completely away from the horse’s eyes and more importantly the eyelashes.

The Fly sprays we sell contain natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

For leg protection, we also have our highly durable Cashel Crusader Fly Leg Guards.
With the ability to reduce the exposure to sun and reduce photosensitivity in horses, the leg guards will also preventing flies from biting the lower leg and pastern area. It makes good sense not to overlook this area as sore or swollen legs from bug bites can hamper a horse’s performance especially when jumping and competing.

Investing in the right Fly Sprays and Fly Masks can prove to be very beneficial to your horse no end.

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