Horse Saddle Pads & Numnahs

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Horse Saddle Pads

Horse Saddle Pads are an essential item for everyday horse riding. Without some form of saddle pad, you run the risk of the saddle rubbing the horse. A horse saddle pad & numnah is a way to help to keep your horse comfortable whilst riding. They are usually of rectangular design and placed between the horse’s back and the saddle. Made of shock absorbing fabrics, sheepskin or faux fur. The saddle pads of today can play an important role in protecting your horse.

Our current range is very wide and varied and all include shock absorbing materials; perfect for use when jumping and exercising. We offer a range of saddle pads predominantly from Kentucky Horsewear as well as Harcour, Acavallo, KM Elite and Gel-Eze.

Looking for a saddle pad which is eye catching, soft to the touch and kind on your horse. Then look no further than the great range of Kentucky Horsewear Velvet Saddle Pads. Available in an array of stunning colours, these pads have been a must have choice since 2020. To touch the pad is something else. The feel on your horses back, must be something special for your horse. New for 2021, the velvet saddle pad is now available in both red and now orange. Stylish and bold. Your horse will look stunning in the matching collection. w

Typical of Kentucky’s saddle pads, they offer excellent cushioning between the horse’s back and the saddle and prevents excessive friction rubbing.

For the ultimate in comfort and for something much more unique as a pad, our Skin Friendly Saddle Pad Star Quilting is perfect for horses with sensitive skin. It’s artificial leather edge and piping enables a high end stylish look as well as added comfort for the horse and rider alike. Easy to maintain, this horse saddle pad, like all Kentucky Saddle Pads, can be simply placed in the washing machine. The quilting is highly unique and the surface area also offers great space for embroidery.

A wise man once said, “you can never have enough saddle pads” and how right he was. The choice on the market is endless, but like with all the procudts we sell, we believe that investing in a better made product using innovative fabrics, can really enhance the comfort for your horse. If you are looking to protect your collection of saddle pads, then check out the All Weather Saddle Pad Bag. Again an essential product for everyday use that can also be used to carry your saddle pads to the shows. The bag is capable of storing up to 5 saddle pads, helping to keep them clean and dry.

A great alternative to our Kentucky products, we stock our Harcour Saddle Pad Silver. It has a stunning sequin binding and matching Royce Fly Veil to create the perfect finish.

Given the overall role of a saddle pad to the horse and rider, it really does pay to make sure you have the right saddle pads when riding. When riding, whether it be, dressage, eventing, show jumping or just hacking out, there can be a high degree of friction that the horse can incur. As a result, it is sometimes very sensible to invest in the correct saddle pad, that can help ensure a more comfortable overall riding experience, for both you and your horse.

Reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of the horse saddle pads and numnahs for sale or the saddle pads and we will be more than happy to help you further.

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