Horse Half Pads Thick

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Horse Half Pads Thick

Horse half pads thick are a perfect choice if your horse often changes shape. Some horses may start off lacking in muscle and top line, so by using a horse half pad thick can really help protect your horse when jumping and exercising when first starting out.

The best horse half pads thick on the market today would certainly include the Kentucky half pads. The intelligent memory foam half pad comes in two thicknesses. The thick half pad will absorb the shockwaves from going into your horses back and protect the horse overall. It is a fantastic half pad for riders and horse dealers that tend to use one saddle to fit many horses.

Easy to use, care for and wash, the memory foam can be removed before washing and is also quick drying too. The thick half pad offers enhanced comfort for both horse and rider. Please note that we would not advise a thick half pad to a rider that has recently had the saddle fitted professionally.

Equally thick and as effective, offering excellent protection, the Kentucky Sheepskin Half Pad is made out of ultra light shock absorbing materials. It has five layers, including a memory foam layer and innovative shock absorbing fabrics with no detail spared on its look. It provides both comfort for horse and rider whilst the soft artificial sheepskin finishes that classic look.

A well-fitted saddle ideally should not need anything underneath it, other than a saddle pad, but when it comes to protection, our choice of half pads is perfect. When it comes to a thick half pad, they are vitally important given that they offer the extra cushioning between the horse and the saddle.

In terms of the thicker half pads like the examples above, a horse half pad thick can be helpful for older or out of condition horses that lack muscle as it will create “artificial” muscle.

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