Horse Bandages and Leg Wraps

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Horse Bandages & Horse Leg Wraps

Applying bandages and leg wraps to your horse can greatly help to reduce swelling and provide essential support. Often used when a horse is traveling to and from shows, bandages are also often used to provide support and protection when competing and exercising. Bandages and leg wraps can be used on all types of horses, large and small.

We sell a great selection of high-quality, luxurious bandages, and Leg Wraps. The brands we stock include Kentucky Horsewear, Finntack, AeroChill, Vacs, Gel-Eze and KM Elite Products.

The range is incredibly wide and varied and includes with it our Kentucky Horsewear Repellent Stable Bandages. Made with a tight knitted weave and with an ability to literally repel shavings, the repellent range is perfect for everyday use. Another great essential is the Kentucky Horse Stable Bandage Pads. Quilted, they are soft, strong, and also fully breathable which enables them to offer better air circulation.

An alternative to the wide range of Kentucky products we sell, make sure you check out the very popular Finntack Ice Wraps. Literally the best ice-cooling leg wrap in its price range and far better than many other expensive products on the market.

Overall, Bandages and Leg Wraps are worn for riding and exercise in order to protect a horse from injury whilst also providing support. Used to ease and reduce swelling. Bandages and Leg Wraps play an essential part in a horse’s life and as a result, should be a key piece of kit in your tack locker.

Let us know if you have any other specific questions about our range of horse leg wraps and horse bandages – and the Just Equine customer services team will be more than happy to help you further.

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