Horse Bridles

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Horse Bridles

Bridles are an everyday part of horse riding and give you the connection between you and your horse. Whether you’re looking for a standard bridle or something more specific and sophisticated, we have a great range of competition and everyday bridles able to meet the needs of all typical horse riders.

Dy’on is a leading premium brand when it comes to horse riding bridles. We have very carefully and selectively been able to assemble a range of bridles to not only service a great range of requirements but also budgets. In detail, Dy’on are incredibly well known for using the very finest leather aligned with the best craftsmanship to come up with a premium product.

Our Dy’on Working Collection Grackle Noseband Bridle is a reasonably priced bridle made from soft, durable leather and finished with beautiful cream stitching. It is designed with an anatomic headpiece to help release pressure behind the base of the horse’s ears. It is also worth noting we also stock Dy’on’s New English Collection X Fit Anatomic Bridle. Ergonomically designed, its noseband is able to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose and facial nerves.

Riding your horse with the correct bridle can play a significant role in comfort and as a result can totally change your days riding. With a Dy’on bridle, you can be sure of providing your horse with ultimate comfort, regardless of the size of your horse. No detail has been spared in the manufacture of their products and we are constantly looking to advance our offering.

Check out the Anatomic Noseband Bridle. No doubt one of our favourite and most popular bridles. With brass buckles and cream stitching on the finest English Sedgewick leather and its shaped anatomic noseband and browband, certainly adds style and comfort to your horse’s look.

Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions about any of our horse bridles or any of our horse tack and we will be happy to help you further.

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