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Horse Leg Protection

Horse Leg Protection is vital to protect your horse from many forms of injuries that can occur when riding, jumping and basically any form of exercise your horse may do. From galloping playfully in the field, to jumping over fences, trotting around the school or kicking out in the stable. An injury can occur just when you are least expecting it. Leg protection is something I feel very strongly about, which is why we hold a large supply of protective boots in stock at all times. I believe the tendon and fetlock boots offer some of the best protection available on the market today. The large selection of Horse Leg Protection will give your horse or pony the best chance of staying injury free in its day to day routine as well as during competitions.

The current range includes Horse Bandages and Leg Wraps, an essential product for helping to reduce the levels of swelling and provide essential support. The range is wide and varied and includes products from the leading brands, including Kentucky Horsewear, Aerochill, and Gel-Eze among others. We have also managed to create a range able to cater for all variants of budgets.

Horse Tendon Boots use highly protective materials to protect the horse’s leg tendons. In my eyes, this boot should be worn on the front legs when competing, jumping and taking part in any from of exercise that might cause the horse to over reach. Highly effective, the range we offer includes some of the very best Horse Tendon Boots on the market. The Elastic Tendon Boots from Kentucky Horsewear offer fantastic protection, with both shock absorbing molecules and a protective TPU layer. These boots are used by both professional and amateur riders around the world. We also have the KM Elite Air Shock Tendon boot. Known for their affordability. The air shock tendon boots use a protective air pocket similar to that of the Nike trainer manufacture. It is important to remember your horse’s lower leg is dense with delicate tendons and ligaments and this is part of the horse’s body so often susceptible to getting an injury.

Fetlock Boots also known as hind boots are a product which has become more and more important and heavily used thanks to the levels of protection they offer. With many being unique in their design, the fetlock boots of today can play an important role in showjumping classes and are used around the world everyday again by both professional and amateur riders. Like tendon boots, the fetlock boots is designed to protect your horse at all times. Some horses when jumping, will cross their hind legs, which can result in a cut or injury from their shoes. This is why a boot like the Kentucky Young Horse Fetlock Boots can keep the horse’s leg protected at all times. The boots are not performance enhancing and can be worn in every class, whether it is FEI or British Showjumping classes.

Choosing the right Feltlock boot can also enhance the horse’s ability to perform to a higher level, whilst preventing the risk of injury. We have a very wide range of products from Kentucky Horsewear, including Air Feltlock Boots, Sheepskin Young Boots and Sheepskin Feltlock Boots as well as other types of these boots.

Overall, we have it very well covered when it comes to horse leg protection and the items in this category and range. Given the importance of this to a horse and to how well a horse is able to ride and perform, we have been very selective and calculated in making sure we are able to supply riders with the very best equipment. This has been done in an effort to both prevent injuries, whilst getting the very best performance from your horse and to ensure you are able to give your horse the best possible protection in all conditions.

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