Point Two Air Jackets

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Point Two Air Jackets

Point Two Air Jackets are the market leader in protective Airbag Body Protectors for the Equestrian Market. Made in the UK, these air jackets are protective to the rider at fast speeds, being most protective for the rider in an event of a fall. Safety is a key element in the manufacture of their equipment.

The air vests have been designed and refined to inflate faster and also feel more comfortable for the benefit of the rider. Since their introduction to the market, Point Two Air Jackets have been a leading product. Through continuous rider testing and feedback, Point Two continue to lead the way and continually improve their product range.

Among our range and offering of Point Two, we also sell Lanyards, Saddle Attachments and Canister fittings. Our Lanyard’s attach to the Point Two Air Jackets and the saddle which then triggers the jacket airbag system should you fall from the saddle. Worth noting though is the fact they are only compatible with Point Two vests only.

Overall, Point Two Air Jackets continue to lead the way in the manner they are able to develop and retail the very best protective clothing. This is a brand that has grasped the needs of the rider and made its range of equipment meet the requirements of the typical horse rider today.

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