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Royal Rider of Correggio, Italy, is a specialized supplier of injection molded products to the medical, electronic, automotive and sporting good industries. Testament to the degree of its quality, its clients include automotive heavyweights Ferrari and Ducati. This speaks for itself. Its stirrups stand out for being lightweight and maintenance free. They are also able to offer maximum shock absorption with superior strength.

Using the very highest-grade materials, the ultra lightweight stirrups offer a wider foot bed for better control and balance. Shock absorbing and maintenance free, the new range of Royal Rider stirrups are true examples of “Sculpted Engineering”™. Among its overall range are their flexible, sculpted, carbon fibre and non-flex designs.

Royal Rider Stirrups

The most premium products of their we stock are their Jump 25 Flex Stirrup Irons. This design combines maximum shock absorption with superior strength in a lightweight stirrup. The ultra lightweight stirrups offer a wider foot bed for better control and balance. Their Jump 25 Offset Stirrups ensures the stirrup leather hangs straight, offering complete foot stability and improved lower leg position. Their stirrups are overall very easy to use and incredibly reliable.

Royal Rider are overall the ultimate specialist brand in high end, premium stirrups. Where they may be moderately priced, you do get the immediate confidence in that you’re buying an item of design. No expense in time and detail has been spared whatsoever in providing riders with the ultimate item of design perfection. To buy the very best, make sure you choose Royal Rider.

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